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How we got started

That love of classic typewriters launched our business. Our founder, Charles Gu, first experienced the compelling draw of classic typewriters years ago as he searched for a birthday present for his best friend. After spending many weekends at antique stores and flea markets looking for a Remington portable for her, Charles found he was intrigued by fine old typewriters. Yet he discovered that the machines were difficult to find and many were in rather neglected condition.

Charles saw a need in the marketplace for restored vintage typewriters that are not only physically beautiful, but also fully functional. He teamed up with a local typewriter restoration expert, and began collecting typewriters from all over. Each model he brought in was carefully restored to bring it back to original condition and typing accuracy without losing its character -- you see, restoration is as much about preserving the unique story of each machine as it is about keeping it true to its physical beginnings. Charles then launched his online business in the basement of his Fairfax, Virginia home in 1999. Today, has become the largest source on the Internet for American- and European-made classic typewriters, as well as related merchandise.

Why buy from

At, you'll see one of the best collections of writing machines around. These include antique typewriters dating back to the late 19th century, reconditioned classic work machines of the 20s or later, the once-revolutionary and still sought-after IBM Selectric, and even brand new machines.

But a huge selection isn't the only reason to buy from us. Although the Internet has made the task of acquiring an antique as easy as purchasing a book online, there are very few places that specialize in restored vintage typewriters. So while you can pretty easily get a vintage typewriter that looks fine, it may contain mechanical flaws that have to be repaired by professionals. At, every typewriter we sell is not only physically beautiful, but also precision-restored to its best possible operation.




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