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Sir Arthur C. Clarke
Birthplace: Minehead, Somerset, England
Typewriter: Remington Noiseless Portable (c.1940s)

Writer of science fiction, born in Minehead, Somerset, SW England, UK. He studied at King's College, London, and worked in scientific research before turning to fiction. He was a radar instructor in World War 2, and originated the idea of satellite communication in a scientific article in 1945. A prolific writer, his themes are exploration - in both the near and distant future - and the position of humanity in the hierarchy of the universe. His first book was Prelude to Space (1951), and while he is credited with some of the genre's best examples - Rendezvous with Rama (1973), The Fountains of Paradise (1979) - his name will always be associated first with 2001: a Space Odyssey (1968) which, under the direction of Stanley Kubrick, became a highly successful film. Later works include the sequels to 2001: 2010: Space Odyssey II (1982, film 1984), 2062: Odyssey III (1988), and 3001: the Final Odyssey (1997). Other books include The Garden of Rama (1991) and The Snows of Olympus (1994). Non-fiction publications include Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World (1980, also a TV series) and Arthur C Clarke's Chronicles of the Strange and Mysterious (1987). He emigrated to Sri Lanka in the 1950s, and was knighted in 1998.




The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation

In 1945, Arthur C. Clarke used this Remington Noiseless Portable to type an essay called “Extra Terrestrial Relays.” The article was published in Wireless World and describes how orbiting space stations might one day enable instant global communications."

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