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Ian Frazier
Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio
Typewriter: various Olympia portables and standards

Ian Frazier grew up in Ohio, graduated from Harvard and the Lampoon in 1977, and was a New Yorker staff writer. Previous books include Great Plains (FSG, 1989), Family (FSG, 1994). and Coyote v. Acme (FSG, 1996). Ian Frazier's 1996 book of stories, Coyote v. Acme, features collection of ten years' worth of humorous pieces, mostly written for The New Yorker. Frazier is the author of the sorrowful yet moving memoir Family, the drivin' and cryin' history-cum-travelogue Great Plains (1989), and a previous collection of humor, Dating Your Mom, just reissued in paperback by Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

In 1996, he wrote an article for the Atlantic Monthly titled “Typewriter Man” in which he discusses his own experience with manual typewriters and his acquaintance with Martin Tytell, a retired repairman, historian, and high priest of typewriters:




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