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Rugged Replacement Typewriter Carrying Case - New!

Your Price: $145.00

As the original online classic typewriter store, we know a thing or two about what makes a good portable typewriter case.  For years, we have been in search of an ideal replacement case that is sturdy enough for everyday use and versatile enough to fit variety of models and sizes. We have finally found the solution! Introducing the Rugged Replacement Typewriter Carrying Case, exclusively offered by - a durable universal case reinforced with customizable foam inserts to fit most standard to large size portable typewriters.


  • Molded, lightweight, water resistant, durable plastic
  • Secure metal carry handle
  • One-piece nylon strap design to secure typewriter and case
  • A multi-fit design to accommodate almost any height of a standard to large size portable typewriter·
  • Dimensions (Interior):16"L x 16"W x 6"H

Foam Inserts

  • A set of three inserts. The main insert ( the middle insert) is a 3” thick pre-scored foam known as “Pick and Pluck” foam, which makes it simple to create highly customized insert that fits a variety of portable typewriters perfectly

  • The top and bottom inserts are reversible solid foam that has a convoluted surface on the one side and a flat surface on the reverse side. For maximum protection,we recommend the flat side for the bottom of the case and the convoluted side for the lid of the case

Made in U.S.A.

Important Note: Not recommended as a checked luggage or a stand-alone shipping box for transportation purpose without additional packaging.