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Hermes Baby / Rocket of 1940s

Your Price: $795.00

Item Number: HE-P002
Hermes typewriters were designed in Switzerland home of precision engineering. And they were built with all the Swiss passion for moving mechanisms and solid craftsmanship. The Hermes compact portables were no exception. The machine weighs in as the worlds lightest portable typewriter according to one of the company's literatures. Compactly designed with all-important features, the Hermes compact portable is an ideal typewriter for students, occasional typists and people on the road.

Also known as Hermes Baby Jubilee or Rocket,  this is the Mini Cooper of typewriters! The totally appealing Hermes Baby gained instance success since its introduction and garnered a loyal following among stylish writers of the day. Clean and sporty, manufactured with the highest degree of quality, including the precision Swiss engineering that one would expect from a Swiss watch.

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