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Royal Portable of 1926 in Colors

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Item Number: RO-P001

The late arrival that became the leader! The first Royal portable was introduced in 1926: six years behind Remington, seven behind Underwood and almost two decades after Corona. However, from the start its machines were extremely stylish and light to operate. It has a nice low profile, and unlike the early portables of Remington and Corona, it doesnt require "folding" to fit into its case. To promote its first portables, Royal launched a legendary advertising campaign known as portables by parachute, in which new portables were not only going to be delivered by airplane from factory to dealer, but they were also dropped off by parachute.

Perhaps being late to market benefited the Royal with the design of its first portable of 1926, the designers had learned from their competitors to arrive at the basic format and design that would appeal to the 15 million American homes. In addition to incorporating the standard features of a big standard typewriter, the Royal design team introduced numerous attractive colors to target the household market that contributed to the success of the Royal first portables. In 1929, very attractive duotone colors were also available.

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