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The Restoration Process
Unless otherwise noted, each vintage typewriter that we offer is restored to its original condition by professional typewriter repair technicians. Before we even begin the restoration, we carefully select and rate each machine on its physical condition. Our exacting standards mean that two out of three machines out there won't pass this initial inspection! But of the ones that do, each machine is cleaned, oiled and mechanically adjusted or repaired. The original paint, decals, and pinstripes are retained to preserve their value. Some damaged original parts may be replaced by parts from identical typewriters or new reproduction parts, if appropriate. Even the oldest and rarest of our machines are fully functional when shipped. Because of their value or age, some models, particularly those from the 1920s or earlier, are not recommended for prolonged use.

Our Grading System
We believe that our grading system is the best in the industry. We strive to provide clear, accurate descriptions of each grade so you will know what to expect when you buy from us. Again, all restored machines are guaranteed to work, regardless of their cosmetic condition, and are covered by our satisfaction guaranteed return policy.

Our grading system offers an option for every taste and budget. Here are the descriptions of general categories to help you select the machine that suits your needs:

  • Premium: The Premium category offers the best possible condition for a given vintage typewriter. This may include any of our three highest individual ratings: Like New, Excellent Plus and Excellent. These machines appear to be pristine.

  • Select: The Select category offers the combination of condition and price. This may include machines rated as "Very Good Plus" or "Very Good" condition.

  • Value: The Value category offers the best price for budget minded buyers. Machines in this category receive a "Good" individual rating.

  • The following are our specific individual ratings:

  • NEW In original unopened box as packaged by manufacturer. Manufacturer’s warranty is included if available. Never used or owned by a consumer.

  • NEW OLD STOCK (NOS) Never owned by a consumer. Original package may be opened or incomplete. Some items may long pass its intended usage life and warranty.

  • LN "Like New" Perfect. Open boxed but includes original box and instructions and any manufacturer provided accessories. Some items may be returned by consumers for non-defective reasons.

  • EX+ "Excellent Plus" 95-97% of the original condition. Our highest possible rating for a restored machine. Shows minor wear and little usage. Has the look and feel of a near mint item.

  • EX "Excellent" 90-94% of the original condition. Shows minor wear and normal usage. May have small dings, pecks and slight finish wear. Decals or any artwork are mostly complete. Key tops are clean.

  • VG+ "Very Good Plus" 85-89% of original condition. Shows moderate wear and normal usage but is in very good condition considering its age. Decals or any artwork may have some minor flaws. Key tops may be partially soiled.

  • VG "Very Good" 80%-84% of original condition. Shows moderate wear and average usage. May have dents, dings and a moderate amount of finish loss. Decals or any artwork may show flaws but still in above average condition. Key tops may be soiled.

  • "Good" 70-79% of original condition. Shows average wear and tear. May have dents, dings and a good amount of brassing and finish loss. Decals or any artwork show flaws. A bargain for anyone who only needs a working machine

  • D “Display”. Not restored. Cosmetically in very good condition. Mechanically, they are defective and are non-repairable. A bargain for anyone who only needs a decorative machine.



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