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Hello QWERTY Typewriter Keyring Pliers Kit

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Do you have a favorite typewriter that you spent hours or even days cleaning and polishing --- only to be frustrated that you don’t have the right tools to replace the unsightly and discolored keytops?

Introducing Hello QWERTY, a complete DIY typewriter keytop replacement kit based on the original William Bernard parallel action pliers more than a century ago. Highly coveted by typewriter enthusiasts and technicians, these keyring pliers are a life saver for removing and replacing keytops at fraction of the time.

We have meticulously put together this essential kit with everything you need to start your restoration project: a complete set of detaching and attaching pliers - each equipped with a two-sided regular key plate (14mm) for chromed keyrings with prongs or no prongs; one combination shift key plate (18mm), uniquely developed to remove and install shift keys in a single plate when paired with the corresponding pliers.

Our kit includes an array of accessories: two sets of water-proof keycards - one for black and one for white legends with perforation so they can be easily detached; one set of clear acrylic key discs enough to replace an entire set of keytops (please remove the protective film before use); extra spare replacement rubber bumpers (used on the detaching pliers) that will last up to four complete keytop replacements; one heavy-duty custom canvas tool roll with five pockets for your pliers and accessories.

Our custom jaws and plates are precision made from high grade tool steel that have been heat treated for super hardness and rust resistant. We have worked closely with experts in the typewriter community to ensure our tools are as good as we claim them to be. The testimonials from these experts have more than exceeded our expectations. This will be one of the tools you will buy once and use forever!

We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee and one year limited warranty.

What’s In the Box?

  • Detaching Pliers (x 1)
  • Attaching Pliers (x 1)
  • Detaching Plate - 14mm (x1)
  • Attaching Plate – 14mm (x1)
  • Shift Key Combination Plate – 18mm (x 1)
  • Acrylic Key Discs – Regular Key (x 45)
  • Acrylic Key Discs – Shift Key (x 4)
  • Keycards – (x 2)
  • Spare Rubber Bumpers – Regular Key (x 4)
  • Spare Rubber Bumpers – Shift Key (x 2)
  • Instructions Guide
  • Custom Tool Roll
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