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Remington Rand No. 17 (c. 1939)

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Item Number: RE-D017
The name Remington Rand comes from the merger in 1927 of the Remington Typewriter Company with the Rand Kardex Company. The full-sized No. 17 (also known as KMC), produced in 1939, had the Remington Rand name displayed across the top of a case that was more rounded and at the time more modern-looking than its predecessors. One innovation of this machine was the use of hard rubber key tops to replace the hard glass of previous models, a feature that the company introduced as an improvement over the very strong competition it faced from Royal's KMM model. Remington advertised the No.17 extensively with a popular history-themed campaign, which included tidbits like a letter written by Mark Twain on a Remington. Widely used during WWI, and with a wealth of popular features on this easy-to-use machine, the 17 stayed in production until 1950.

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