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Royal Standard Portable with Touch Control (c.1935)

Your Price: $895.00

Item Number: RO-P003

Big on improvements! Talk about the personal touch! By 1936, typing was not a matter of just making the machine function -- with the Royal Touch Control feature, the machine could actually adapt to the preference and style of the typist. By sliding the lever in the center above the keys, the typist could vary the resistance of the keys to suit their own personal method.

Introduced at the same time as the DeLuxe model of 1936, this popular Royal favorite offered substantial upgrades from the company's earlier portables. The list of improvements must have sounded outrageously modern and technical to the consumers of the time: touch control, finger comfort keys, genuine dust protection, accelerating typebar action, scientifically designed controls, synchronized scales all of it was an effort to produce a true precision machine in portable form. Features the famous glossy black paint finish that's so long lasting, it makes many Royals look perfectly new even decades later.

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