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Underwood Noiseless Portable of late 1930s

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Item Number: UN-P011

In the late 1920s, Remington and Underwood exchanged patents and this enabled Underwood to start selling a machine that was identical to the Remington Noiseless Portable except the Underwoods name. Under the license, Underwood continued to offer Noiseless Portables manufactured by Remington until 1942.

The attractive physical appearance of the Noiseless Portable echoes the streamlined Art Deco contours favored by designers in the 1920s and 1930s and the resulting Noiseless Portable is considered by many collectors to be one of the most beautiful typewriters ever designed. This machine combines the speed and lightweight of the Underwood Typemaster and the quiet operation of the Underwood Standard Noiseless machine.

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